Friday, April 12, 2013


Suit up, Super Cybernauts! Video Nights brings you a robotical double-header celebration of the eternal struggle between man and machine. First up, the West Coast premiere of Manborg! This giddy, gleeful throwback to ‘80s man-bot cinema (thinkRoboCop and Cyborg) will blow you away with its low-budget allure and high-budget heart. Hell has risen from below and taken over the Earth, and even a ragtag group of rebels can’t put a stop to Count Draculon and his minions. Who will save the world and kick the bad dudes back to Hell? The title says it all: Manborg will leave you feeling nostalgic and jealous of those with mechanical bods. As if that isn’t enough action for one night, we’re proud to present a rare 35mm print of perhaps the greatest cyborg-ninja-cowboy-scientist movie ever made. Eliminators combines everything you love about ‘80s cinema, all wrapped up in one shiny, goofy metal package. Everything Is Terrible! will also be there to give a brief history of cyborg-cinema with a mondo mix that will melt your metal face and boil your bionic eyes! Manborg cast/crew members in person!

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Ravenhallow said...

I wanna see Manborg SO BADLY