Saturday, December 08, 2012


Five years ago today, we started this blog as a way for weirdos to violate copyright law across state lines. In honor of this momentous day, we now reprint that revolutionary blog post in its entirety.

Before the existence of the wonder that is Youtube, there was '15 Minute IT.' It was the year 2000, and Allen brought this gem down to Ohio University from Mentor, OH one Christmas break and almost immediately it became an obsession with all of us. As far as we were concerned, this was the 'Star Wars Kid' of our freshmen year, and back then there was no real venue for this sot of thing. The first time I saw it I was completely baked, and I remember losing control in laughter. It was the kind of thing we'd show at parties, and usually it was shown 3-5 times a night as we dove deeper and deeper into our weed comas. God, were we ever so innocent?

Considering how precious this tape meant to us, you'd think we would've taken better care of it. The tape itself broke at one point, so we had to carefully rip the plastic, and transfer the magnetic tape into another like some sort of open-heart surgery for VHS. We even had a friend of ours transfer it into a Quicktime file, but over the years all of our hard drives crashed, and every copy was lost forever. It was sort of cursed in many ways. But that only added to the legend that was '15 Minute IT.' Over the years, women falling in grape barrels and moms getting punched helped heal the wound of our loss- but it never felt right. I knew the only way to see '15MI' again was to re-create it from memory. And considering I'd seen it dozens upon dozens of times, my mind would be my only reference. Since I had never seen the original 'IT' in the first place, I found that it was like having a bell go off in my head everytime I heard a line like 'Cut 'em! Huh? Cut 'em?!'

The man who put this whole thing together was a kid named Matt Carter. All I really know about him was that he went to Mentor High, and is now living in Columbus. We hope to be getting the original tape very soon, and I've also heard about a '15 Minute Night Of The Living Dead' which I will have wet dreams about until it is posted.


troutism said...

Congrats EIT! Here's to five more years!

Ravenhallow said...

Thanks for sharing all of this awesome with us over the years, and here's to many more to come.

Brad J. Ballard said...

I love this sooo much!

sasha said...

Are you ever going to do a 2-minute movie version of meet joe black? I remember I asked you guys about it a couple of years ago. I'm sure you've been busy but I just think that a 2-minute movie version of meet joe black would be glorious.

Anonymous said...