Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Life without mormonism

A nonsensical mormon sales pitch

Life with mormonism


Ghoul Skool said...

Within a matter of hours, people started commenting on how much they hated this video on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

the girl is actually pretty hot, to bad she is a mormon ;)

Mesila 333 said...

Mormons believe that this dude Joseph Smith was like some sort of American Moses or something, it involves some completely incomprehensible markings on a sheet of metal discovered on a mountain side. I don't even know where the whole bit with the polygamy comes into it.

Mormonism is even more idiotic than regular Christianity, because it's America-centric. You don't find many Mormons in Europe or Asia. I think the people who are into it just want to feel like AMERICA is the Holy Land, in addition to everything else it's supposed to be. Massive Eyeroll.

Victor Serge said...

So... because she didn't believe in a god, life had no meaning and she took an overdose. Mormons are that afraid of not being Mormon?

Ah well, nice to see Knight Rider culling the herd.

Anonymous said...

I liked the second video, I'm christian though not mormon. I agree with mormons about the gospel and doctrine of salvation, but it gets wacky and wierd with their rules, temple endowments and self-proclaimed prophet joseph smith.